Keyham Lodge and Millgate Federation

Keyham Lodge and Millgate Federation

Keyham Lodge and Millgate Schools’ Federation comprises of two SEMH (Social, Emotional and Mental Health) day schools situated on the north and south of Leicester, enjoying the use of a small residential facility based on Millgate School site.  Both Millgate School and Keyham Lodge School have created environments where the emotional support and development for all students is paramount.  The provision is extremely flexible and meets nearly all the needs of the most challenging and vulnerable students across the city who have been identified with social and behavioural difficulties.  All our students have statements of special educational needs although part of our provision supports transfer and assessment of students.

Education is the key aim of any school, however within our federation the lack of social skills and low levels of emotional literacy as students embark on their learning journey impacts massively on their ability to engage in the education provision on offer.  The holistic approach at the schools, both for students and their families is of the utmost importance.  We offer students support through creating an environment that is nurturing, engaging, structured and challenging allowing the students to feel included in the community of school.  Each student’s timetable allows for support at a crucial time to minimise the impact of negative influences through facilitating mentoring, counselling and specific therapy. This approach enables the students to fulfil their emotional and academic potential.

We are consistent in our rules and expectations and we celebrate all students’ successes, however small.  Our federation believes in educating and nurturing the whole person through a holistic multi-agency approach.  The schools apply a consistent approach of high expectations, discipline and a sense of caring, leading to raised self-esteem and self-confidence and ultimately more successful outcomes.  Our aim is to enable our students to access quality learning in a supportive environment, with opportunities of work-experience and college placements where they can experience positive learning situations with their peers from other schools.

Most students arrive at our federation having had a very negative experience of education, sometimes reinforced by their parents, which can lead to disengagement and attendance issues.  Our ethos of respecting and rewarding is proven; within a short space of time most students feel included into the school community and start to engage in learning.

The federation intends to measure its success not only in terms of academic achievement, but in terms of our students’ future in the world of work and independent living.  We envisage students going on to and accessing further education and ultimately securing a job.  We would anticipate supporting a number of our ex-students in further studies (e.g. help towards gaining GCSEs), as we believe we have a moral duty to support young people who may wish to engage with post-16 studies, but who lack the confidence to ‘go it alone’.  By offering this high level of support we aim to reduce the number of students who will be part of the NEET figures

Our proposals include the federation becoming a centre of excellence for SEMH, not only as two schools but through continued outreach work in mainstream schools as supported by other elements of the federation, such as the Outreach Placements and Transitions Team which provides specialised SEMH outreach to all secondary, presently funded high needs money allocated by our LA.  A development of an Outreach and Placements Team will support mainstream schools further by addressing training needs and allow for staff to work across SEMH specialist schools and mainstream schools creating consistency in provision for the students who need it the most.